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  • Safety Tips: What To Keep In Your Car For Winter

    The cold winter months are fast approaching and if you are serious in maintain your overall safety while driving on the road, it is necessary that stuff your trunk and tool box with car essentials, so you can bravely face even the coldest weather condition. Below are list of items that must be present in…

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  • How to Avoid Damages Caused by Potholes

    Potholes sound harmless enough. That is, if you’ve never driven over one in the past. If you’ve taken your car to a body shop because you’ve driven over a pothole, then you know how damaging they can be. This is why if you want to save a lot of money, it’s a good idea to…

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  • Railroad Crossing Safety Tips

    Don’t Play with the Train Stop, look and listen. Ever since we were young, we’ve been told to do these things when at a railroad crossing and for good reason. As kids, we knew for a fact that railroads are not a playground, and the trains are not something that you play with. But why…

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  • When To Use Your Hazard Lights

    A lot of drivers are “trigger happy” when it comes to their hazard lights. They’re a little lenient as to their definition of a hazard. These lights are amazing tools that can help improve safety when used properly. Of course, with “properly” being the operative word, you should know when to use them. Most Important…

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  • Auto Wheel Alignment Explained

    Unfortunately, a lot of car owners don’t really care about wheel alignment. They feel that as long as their car’s wheels are turning, then there’s no problem. Yes, the wheels will continue to turn even if there’s an alignment issue. However, it’s not really a good idea to continue driving a car with an alignment issue.

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