Safety Tips: What To Keep In Your Car For Winter

The cold winter months are fast approaching and if you are serious in maintain your overall safety while driving on the road, it is necessary that stuff your trunk and tool box with car essentials, so you can bravely face even the coldest weather condition. Below are list of items that must be present in your winter survival kit.

Thick blanket

First thing you need to ensure when you get stuck on the road with a heap of snow is a thick blanket to provide you warmth as you wait for any help or assistance. I’m sure you don’t want to end up with frostbites afterwards.


Never leave your home during the winter month without a top-performing shovel that you can use with ease while removing piles of snow around your wheels. I strongly suggest you buy a short-handled shovel for added comfort. Ask your friendly car accessory shop what is the best snow shovel. There are many selections that range from plastic to metal types of snow shovel, but if you want to be sure it can easily remove or chip any tough snow ice or compacted snow, then, choose a metal shovel.

Gloves or hand warmers

Again, keeping yourself fully protected is your top priority as you face a blizzard. Keep a pair of gloves or hand warmers to prevent the winter chills coming through your delicate hands and cause delay while changing a tire or taking a closer look on what’s wrong with your car engine.


For additional safety measures, a dependable flashlight should also be included on your winter survival kit, especially if you are always on the road. Choose a flashlight that is water-proof and keep spare batteries, so that you have enough source of light even in the darkest night. Don’t forget also to bring enough emergency candles because you will never know how soon the rescue or road assistance will take before they get to your location.

Box of matches

Keeping a box of matches will give you peace of mind that you don’t have to worry even if it means being stranded in the middle of nowhere until dawn. With the use of matches you can easily build enough source of heat.

Food pack

I’m sure you heard stories of stranded drivers stuck in the middle of the road with no food or water to drink and you don’t want to end up like this, especially if you are on a long journey. Keep enough food supply that can help you survive the longest winter night. Make sure you bring enough food inside your car for any unavoidable circumstance like few bottled water, chocolate bars, biscuit and other high energy food packs that you can easily open and eat to fill your hungry tummy.

Light sticks

These items won’t even cost you a lot. In fact, you can get them at any dollar store and give you enough source of light in the event you need to shovel snow around your tires at night.

Flares, reflectors and other warning signals

Again, these items must be kept in your car’s trunk all year round because you can never predict when your car is required for a full stop and you need to warn other approaching vehicles that you are stuck and stranded to prevent any cause of road accident.

Syphon pump

There will be instances that you will run out of gas and it really pays off if you have a siphon pump if another driver offered a gallon of gas to keep you on the road again, just enough to last until you come across the nearest gas station.

Windshield scraper with brush

To keep your car windows clear and free from ice and snow, keep a windshield scraper with brush. Remember, you need to ensure that no obstructions get on your way while driving on a snowy day to lessen the possibility of a road accident.

First-aid kit

You never know if you will get minor cuts while removing hard ice as you shovel with all your might, so be sure you keep a first-aid kit inside the car or in the trunk.

Traction aid

For those unavoidable circumstances wherein you get stuck in a pile of snow, the most efficient tool that will help you get back on the road is the use of metal cleats that you can easily slide underneath your tires in order to get unstuck. For your information they won’t occupy a lot of space inside the trunk, since they can be folded up.

Jumper cables

Another issue that drivers face during cold winter months is a dead battery. Keeping jumper cables will surely save you time waiting for passing vehicles to offer assistance. You can restart your car’s engine the soonest possible time as long as you have these cables on hand.

Additional tips and warnings

Always keep yourself updated on weather news report before leaving your home and driving on the road because winter months could be very unpredictable and if you have a winter survival kit, you are confident you can get quick access of any tool or item needed to help you get back on the road again. Stay safe at all cost and if the advice is to stay home, take it seriously for your own safety.