Great Tips When Traveling with Your Pet

Do you have plans of bringing your pet for a car drive? If this is your first time to tag along a furry friend inside your car during a long distance road trip, make sure your pet’s safety isn’t put at greater risk. Keep in mind, pets also have the same feelings like us when exposed to something new and may experience apprehension, especially if this is their first time to sit on a moving vehicle. Be prepared for the worst case scenario to happen on your pet’s initial reaction on his or her first car drive, either feeling agitated, dizzy or carsick. So, how do you prevent any of these scenes from arising between you and your furry companion? Below are some tips when traveling with your pet.

Before a long distance car drive

  • – If you want your pet to get used to your car prior a long distance drive, why not tag him or her along during shorter trips like a quick drive to your favorite burger station or supermarket.

  • – Try to observe your pet’s behavior like reactions the moment he or she stepped inside the car or as soon as you start the car’s engine. Ask yourself, “Does your pet show sign of panic or restlessness?” How about motion sickness? If your pet suffers from motion sickness, consult your veterinarian for some medications.

  • – If you are driving with your cat, it would be safer to put him or her inside a crate. In case, your pet isn’t used to a crate, let him or her get used to it by leaving the crate at home for a few days until your pet is already accustomed to the whole new set-up.

  • – Don’t leave the house without putting an identification tag on your pet’s collar, so that if he or she escaped during a quick stop while on a road trip you have peace of mind that whoever finds your pet can easily contact you. In fact, in today’s advanced technology there are now micro chips that can be implanted on your pet where you could input all your important details such as pet’s owner name and address, contact number and even the pet’s medical record.

During the actual long distance drive

    • – Pack all your pet’s essentials like food, drink, favorite toy and other items in case of emergencies (food and water bowl, pooper scraper, waste bags, medications and additional leash).

    • – If you will be driving for hours before you get to your final destination, it would be a perfect idea to bring your pet’s blanket in case the weather becomes cold.

Woman and dog.
  • – Never let your dog lean over the car window because if you are driving for miles there might be flying object coming your way and it would cause harm or danger if your pet’s head is the first thing these flying object would have direct contact. Aside from that, when your pet is exposed to extreme windy condition and cold air, this might lead to inner ear injury or lung infection.

  • – Don’t over feed your pet prior a long distance drive to avoid upset tummy and vomiting. I’m sure you don’t want to end up driving for hours with a smelly car.

  • – Stop for short breaks, especially if you have been driving for hours to avoid fatigue and tensed muscles. Your pet might also experience similar symptoms after hours of continuous drive without rest. Make the necessary stops to stretch your legs and your pet’s legs as well.

  • – Don’t forget to put a leash on your pet if you find the urge to go to the nearest toilet. Choose a shady place to park your car and never leave your pet inside the car even if the car windows are open.


Additional tips for pet lovers on a road trip:

  • – Invest in a top performing pet carrier if you love to bring your pet for a long distance drive.

  • – Always use a seat belt on your pet’s crate, especially for cats and smaller breed dogs to ensure they are safely secured all throughout the road trip.

  • – If you are buying a pet restraint, choose a brand that will provide comfort and mobility.

  • – Protect your car for accidental spills and pet’s unavoidable litter by putting quality car mats that are waterproof.

  • – In the event your pet left awful smell or unsightly marks on your car’s interior after a long distance road trip, bring your car to a trusted auto detailing shop for professional cleaning.