Towing Services

Stranded in the middle of nowhere? Engine failure on the side of the freeway? Seidner’s Collision Center can assist you in finding a towing service near your area to safely ferry you and your car to our nearest service center.

Tips on Maximizing Our Towing Service

In order to maximize our towing services in Seidner’s Collision Center, its best that you keep any and all of these tips in mind.

Be Ready to Tell Us How to Find You

Make sure to give us clear and accurate details on how to find you. If you can, send us your location through GPS and make sure to inform us of the color, make and license plate of your car.

Turn Your Hazard Lights On

By turning your hazard lights on, your car will be easier to spot especially during the evening or bad weather. If you have reflective triangles or traffic cones in your trunk, deploy them a few meters behind your car to maximize visibility and to ward off any incoming cars from a safe distance.

Keep Your Phone on You At All Times

In case of emergencies, keep your phone on your person at all times. Should you be running low on battery, limit all cellphone activity to the bare essentials in case you should need to get in touch with us again, or vice versa.

Use Caution and Ask for Identification

When approached by other individuals, don’t accept help if your car is already in a safe location and when our tow truck is on the way. Most importantly, don’t accept rides from strangers. When the tow truck finally arrives, don’t hesitate to ask for identification to ensure that they’re indeed part of official Seidner’s Collision Centers’ staff.