Top 7 4th Of July Safety Tips

It’s only a few days left and we will be celebrating Independence Day on the Fourth of July. As the holiday brings a lot of fun and excitement, any individual with intentions of celebrating this event should take some time to plan ahead some safety measures that will ensure every member of the family will enjoy it without encountering physical injury or causing harm to someone’s precious life. Below are 7 safety tips that you can follow and observe as Fourth of July comes nearer.

Tip #1 – Be on guard during any swimming activity

Celebrating Fourth of July may include some water sports activity like swimming nearby beaches or pools. If you are planning to take the family to a swimming party, assign an expert swimmer in the group to look after children as well as adult companions who may be at greater risk of potential drowning while swimming. The assigned member should stay closely to younger kids who will be in the pool most of the time because in a span of five minutes, a young child could drown easily if left out of sight.

Tip #2 – Stay away from fireworks

If fireworks displays are allowed in your area, be sure you stay away from them at all times, especially if you have younger kids in tow. Observe the distance limit if you will be watching the fireworks displays. Never attempt to do your own firework display at your backyard or lawn because this activity is only performed by the experts.

pool party 4th of julyTip #3 – Be a responsible party host

The Fourth of July also means a lot of drinking activities. If you are hosting a late night party, be responsible to all your invited guests by assigning a volunteer driver who will be driving them to their homes after the party. The assigned driver for this occasion should refrain from drinking to ensure the safety of his or her driving. In the event a guests is too drunk to drive on his or her own and nobody else can drive him or her, better tell the guest to stay for the night and just leave the next day to prevent any car mishap or road accident from happening if left to drive under the influence of liquor.

clean food 4th of julyTip #4 – Observe clean food preparations

One of the main ingredients of a successful Fourth of July celebrations is the food itself. Again, if you are hosting this party, plan ahead of time the meals you will prepare and taking into major consideration the dishes that your guests would love to eat. When preparing food, make sure you observe cleanliness from start to finish. If your party is held outside like the garden, cover the food with cling wrap to prevent insects and other dirt particles from coming in direct contact with the food. Never expose the food to direct sunlight because this might lead to food spoilage. Of course, you don’t want to serve or eat nearly spoiled food. If you notice unusual smell on the food, throw or discard them away and never attempt to serve them with your guests because spoiled food may lead to food poisoning.

Tip #5 – Wear comfortable party clothes

Since the weather is quite warm during this celebration, expect hot or humid temperature. If you will be out in the open during the day, make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Put some protective sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Buy a top performing sunscreen brand that guarantees full protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Remember, frequent exposure under the direct heat of the sun can lead to skin cancer.

Tip #6 – Bring prescribed medicines and first-aid kit

For family members who are taking medications regularly, don’t forget to assign an adult member of the family to look after the intake of these prescribed medicines. Bringing a first-aid kit is also necessary for those unavoidable accidents like minor cuts, burns or simple headache where first aid preparedness comes pretty handy.

safe driving 4th of julyTip #7 – Practice safe driving

If you will be driving to attend a party on the Fourth of July, make sure you practice safe driving. If you are feeling tired while driving, pause in-between long drives and get some rest. Few stretches or a quick drink from the nearest gas station will refresh you and keep you on the go as you carry on with your driving. As a rule of thumb for long distance travel, it would be a good start to leave early in the morning while the weather isn’t too hot for driving and make sure you did a careful inspection with your car’s condition, fuel tank, tires as well as your car’s emergency kit for events like a flat tire, dead battery or worst a dead engine. Don’t forget to bring enough supply of food and drinks to keep everyone on board well fed and in high spirits all throughout the long journey.