Safe Driving Tips On St. Patty’s Day

Can’t wait for St. Patty’s Day to arrive? Well, if you are one of those guys who are already making a big countdown for this much awaited event of drinking, watching parades or pinching crowd goers who didn’t manage to wear something green, then I highly suggest giving this post on safe driving tips during St. Patrick’s Day a read. Remember, amidst all those festivities, many road accidents happen each year as March 17 comes full blast, so gather your senses and take these tips seriously and be safe.

Plan ahead of time how you will safely get home

This is the most important concern you have to consider as St. Patty’s Day nearly approaches. Add yourself, “What are your plans after the party?” If you are planning to enjoy this day with a lot of drinking, better plan your mode of transport when the party ends and time to get home. Are you going to walk, book a cab, request a sober friend to drive you home or avail a local transport like bus? Whatever options you will choose, be sure your overall safety isn’t put at greater risk.

Apply the buddy system

For college students and younger individuals, follow this advice, especially if the party venue is a walking distance to your dorm or flat, apply the buddy system. Go with a trusted friend or in group and be sure you go home together. If you are walking with friends, be aware of your surroundings and take the planned route.
drive safe st pattys day

Eat and keep yourself hydrated

Don’t get too excited with all those bottles of whisky or Guinness served at the party. Drinking with an empty stomach will do more harm to you, so grab a bite first to fill your hungry tummy and keep yourself hydrated all throughout the partying and drinking. Alcoholic drinks tend to dehydrate the bodily system and it is vital for anyone who intends to drink liquor to drink lots of water to avoid having hangover the next day.

Keep a watchful eye on the road

In the event you planned to drive home, make sure you strictly stayed sober during the party. Apart from observing these driving rules, keep a watchful eye on the road while driving. Why? Keep in mind, not all drivers are sober like you and managed to limit themselves from heavy drinking, so leave some percentage that other drivers may be under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated.

At times like this, it would be best to apply your defensive driving skills and drive with presence of mind. Always maintain the highest level of presence of mind.

Never attempt to drive if you are drunk

This is the last thing you will dare to do, driving home even if you are drunk. Why? Local patrollers are on heightened alert on St. Patty’s Day and if you don’t want to get into trouble like being fined, arrested or getting involved in a road accident don’t drive when you are intoxicated. Ask a sober friend to bring you home, call a cab or if you can stay for the night at your host’s place, then, do so, than be sorry afterwards.

Additional safety tips as we celebrate St. Patty’s Day:

  • Road accidents can be prevented on this big day by simply following these two steps:
  •   – Designate a sober driver to drive you home.
  •   – Don’t allow a friend under the influence of liquor to drive.
  • – If you are the party host, schedule in advance who among your guests are volunteering to be drivers for the night and make sure you remind them of their duties as the partying begins to prevent them from being tempted to drink.
  • – Stay focused while driving on the road. Even if you didn’t drink, expect pedestrians who are heavily drunk or intoxicated.
  • – Patrick’s Day is a time to celebrate, be merry but don’t become a victim of a road accident due to drunkenness or driving carelessly on the road.
  • – If you are hosting the party, serve different types of food and non-alcoholic beverages, so that your guests will have more choices aside from drinking alcohol and being drunk afterwards.
  • – If you noticed a guest who is drinking heavily during the party, offer him or her to drink water or non-alcoholic beverage.
  • – Plan your party wisely and make sure you provide entertainment like games to prevent your guests from drinking too much.