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  • Car Safety Features 2014

    What are the most important car safety features in 2014? Really, it doesn’t matter what year it is. You have to make sure that your car has the most important safety features. Also, it’s important that your car has the latest safety features. This is because things change so safety features need to be updated…

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  • Partnership with New Incycle Racing / Full Circle Women’s Team

    Seidner’s Collision Center is proud to announce their partnership with the new Incycle Racing p/b Full Circle women’s team for the 2014 cycling season. This team has a vast amount of experience from a former professional cyclist, a national champion, and junior racers. The Incycle Racing / Full Circle team will be competing in 20…

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  • Teen Texting: A Major Killer when Done while Driving

    Everybody knows that you shouldn’t text and drive. Unfortunately a lot of people, especially teens, still do it. Teen texting while driving is consistently on the rise. They’re under the impression that a quick text while driving wouldn’t hurt. Well that’s usually what the victims had in mind when they texted while driving. The statistics…

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  • How to Take Care of Your Car’s Paint Job

    It’s important to care for your car’s paint; it’s the skin and ultimate protection from rusting metal, not to mention how nice shiny paint looks, no matter what body style or year of the car. If you neglect your car’s finish, the harmful elements such as bird droppings, tree sap, pollen, brake dust, etc., oxidize,…

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  • Always lock your doors both inside and outside your vehicle

    Car security is just as important as car safety. To ensure that you and your valuables stay safe and secure, follow these five simple steps. Always lock your doors both inside and outside your vehicle Basic car security starts with locking your car doors. While most people have a habit of automatically locking their doors,…

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