Top 5 Reasons People Get Into Car Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Why do people get into car accidents? Whether the reason is engine trouble or human error, to name a few, people can suffer from injuries, vehicle damage or even worst, death. Although the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration revealed plummeted statistics in most U.S. regions, accidents are still common in several regions especially in the Great Lake States. The lowest car accident fatalities were recorded back in the year 1949. But now that car technology is much better, why are car accidents still a major problem across America? How can these car accidents be prevented?

Let’s name the top five reasons people get into car accidents including ways on how to prevent them:

1. Speeding is said to be the deadliest of all the causes of car accidents

When you speed, you will have less chances of avoiding a crash and will increase your chance of crashing. The faster you go, the more magnified would be your extent of injury and vehicle damage. To avoid it, you should obey speed limits and should observe the speed law of a specific state or area. Always remember not to drive faster during harsh weathers such as snow and rain.

2. Distracted driving

Distracted driving accounts for at least 25% of major road accidents according to the American Automobile Association. Several examples of distracted driving are rubbernecking, talking on cell phones, driver fatigue, texting on the phone, engaging with passengers, adjusting the sound system, reading road maps or documents, and looking away from the road. You can avoid distracted driving by focusing on the road at all times. Prevent engaging yourself in other activities while you’re driving. If you’re sleepy, let another driver take the wheel. As an option, you can pull over by the side of the road and let the drowsiness pass, if pulling over by the roadside isn’t prohibited.

3. Drunk driving

Based from reports, drunk drivers are accounted for 32 percent of car accident fatalities across the United States. It is quite common sense that you should never drive if you’re drunk. Otherwise, you should let another driver take you home.

4. Aggressive driving

Aggressive driving presents a danger to other drivers, pedestrians and passengers. This includes inattentive driving, speeding, texting, not following traffic signals and illegal lane changes.. If you meet an aggressive driver on the road, don’t change your lane if it’s unsafe. If the aggressive driver is behind you, don’t panic but keep following road safety laws. You can also report the aggressive driver by calling up 911 if you feel that you’re in danger.

5. Extreme weather

Driving conditions become worse when ice, hail, heavy rain and snow are on your way. You should still follow road safety and traffic rules. You should not drive fast and take some time to provide an additional space between you and other drivers. Don’t drive if the weather condition is worse. You can park your car for a while until the weather gets better.

These are the top five reasons people get into accidents and how to prevent them. Although you cannot completely avoid accidents, becoming aware of these driving hazards will increase your defensive driving knowledge. Finally, always follow the traffic rules and regulations and keep your eyes on the road.