Responsible Driving Habits: Watching Out for Pedestrians

Pedestrian involved crashes are a tragedy that has sadly become part and parcel of driving. While the government has been keen on implementing new technologies, laws and city improvements to bring down these accidents, it is still up to the motorists and the pedestrians to make sure they use these advances to help keep roads safe.

More than 60% of all pedestrian fatalities occur in urban areas, with New Year and Halloween seeing the highest number of occurrences. Although pedestrians play a large role in pedestrian related accidents, the burden of responsibility ultimately falls on the shoulders of the drivers themselves. This makes it even more important for motorists to abide by the many traffic laws imposed by their state to keep both themselves and other pedestrians safe.

Obey Traffic Laws

Traffic laws were made for a reason, and it is largely to keep the road safe for both motorists and pedestrians. By following these laws, you are that much closer to keeping your drive incident and accident-free.

Follow the Speed Limit

A measly 10 MPH can spell the difference between surviving a car collision or dying from one. Follow the speed limit, or if allowable, slightly below it. This will allow you more time to react in case you’re forced to avoid a crossing pedestrian.

Avoid Distractions

Despite regulations to help curb in-vehicle distractions, mobile phone continues to be a growing cause of road accidents. This can be particularly dangerous in pedestrian heavy areas, where a split-second distraction can end with an injured pedestrian.

Abide by Road Signs

Road signs are a great indicator of what to do and what to look out for on the road. Stop signs and warning signs are usually placed to notify motorists of pedestrian heavy areas.

Be Aware of Crossable Areas

Crosswalks, pedestrian lanes and even foot paths are a common area for pedestrian related crashes. By being aware of where they are, and slowing down accordingly, you can help avoid these accidents from occurring.

Follow the Right of Way

Be aware of the various right of way rules when driving. Give pedestrians the courtesy of crossing when it is allowable to do so. It is better to stop on the road than to get into an accident.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

Even if you’re in the right, the pedestrian’s safety will always take precedence over your car. Don’t try to beat a red light, or challenge a pedestrian who is crossing the street. The consequences could be tragic in case either of you make a mistake.

Check Your Brakes

Even if you had all the intention of stopping, intentions are nothing if your brakes are not working. Be sure to keep your car maintained and your brakes checked.

Adjust Your Mirrors

Make sure to adjust your mirrors to give you the safest most thorough viewing angles of the car. Remember, pedestrians can come from different sides of your car, not just from the front.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Drunk driving is also a common cause of pedestrian related accidents. Practice safe driving habits and make sure to assign a designated driver when you decide to drink.