Quick Guidelines On How To Clean Your Car: Interior And Exterior

Cleaning your car on a regular basis could be quite tedious, especially if don’t have the time or energy to do so. If you want your car to come out spotlessly clean inside and out even with your busy schedule, follow these quick cleaning guidelines.

Remember as with any other task, cleaning a car could be made quicker and less complicated once you get the hang of it and constant practice. Shall we head on and start with the first phase of car cleaning?

How to clean the car’s exterior?

• Ready all car cleaning materials needed for cleaning your car like liquid soap specially formulated for car wash, car sponge or wash mitt and another mitt used to clean tires and rims. Be sure they are within your reach once you started cleaning your car to save you trips from going back and forth.

• Now, let’s get to the main car washing activity. If possible choose a cool or shady place to do the car washing. The surface of your car should be cool enough because if it’s too hot, the soap suds will dry instantly, leaving more stains on the car’s surface and this would mean extra job on your part, since you need to do another wash.

• If your car has collected too much contaminant such as boulders and squirrels, then, better do a pre-wash to remove all those stubborn dirt.

• Always use a car liquid soap, but if run out of your favorite car liquid soap, a gentle liquid soap used in our household will do the trick. Be sure you have enough water to use for the car washing.

• Start with one portion of the car and proceed to the other parts. For those who will do this task for the first time, it would be advisable to wash the car’s roof first, then, the hood and rear. Lastly, clean the upper portions of the sides and lowers sections such as the panels.

• Use enough water to rinse all the soap residue left on the car and do a final rinse.

• Wheels need attention too. In the event you are using a spray-on wheel cleaner be extra careful not to inhale the chemicals because they could be hazardous to your health. Use a face mask if you can’t avoid using a wheel cleaner.

• Finally, give you car a good dry and this should be done as quickly as possible to prevent any water spot from drying and leaving an unsightly mark on your car’s surface. Look for an effective drying product like the Chamois or “The Absorber”.

How to clean the car’s interior?

• Car interiors should also be kept clean because dirt accumulates in these areas. Don’t just use any ordinary cleaner for your car’s interior. Read your car’s manual and verify which among the cleaning products would be best for cleaning the interior.

• A handy car vacuum could be effective in getting rid of those tiny dirt particles left inside the car. For those hard to reach places of your car’s interior, a paint brush and toothbrush would come pretty useful.

• Stubborn dirt can also be left inside the car, especially on the carpets and mats. You can use a top quality brush and finish the cleaning with a vacuum to guarantee no trace of dirt is left. If by accident there is a chewing gum left inside your car, use a chewing gum remover. Check the nearest local automotive dealer store if they have this kind of remover. In case they don’t have one, use dry ice to freeze the gum. Once the gum gets cold, get a scraper and apply a slight amount of pressure to remove the gum.

• Seatbelts should also be kept clean. Use gentle laundry soap.

• Clean the car windows inside and out with the use of glass cleaner and cotton towel. Rub them using light pressure.

• To remove any unpleasant smell, try using vinegar. Follow the 20:1 ratio of water and vinegar mixture and use it to scrub the car interior.

There you have it guys, some quick car washing guidelines that will make any car washing task quick and easy. Feel free to share your own car washing strategies. We love to hear your ideas and comment.