How To Prepare Your Car For Fall Season

Owning a car requires proper care and maintenance, especially during the fall season. Why? Autumn months according to the Federal Highway administration on weather management could bring more vehicular accidents due to fog, fallen leave, rain and even shorter days. Driving during the fall season is believed to offer more risky factor than summer months as it comes closer to the winter season.

So, how do you keep your car in good condition during these cold and darker days? Below are some car maintenance pointers that you must use to gauge whether your car is prepared for the worst type of weather disturbance or not.

1. Check your car’s anti-freeze

I’m sure you are completely aware that a car normally has 50/50 mixture of water and anti-freeze. Check its level and verify if it meets the standard requirement of being full and having at least the 50/50 mixture. If you aren’t sure how to do this particular routine test, you can bring your car to the nearest auto-maintenance center or car repair service provider and have it checked for anti-freeze. Other car owners buy a tester to check for anti-freeze level. In fact, this tool isn’t expensive and you can purchase it at any local auto accessory shop for $5.

2. Carefully inspect your tires

One of the reported car accidents happening on the roads, especially during the fall season are worn out tires. Don’t put yourself and your loved ones at greater risk or major injury by driving with old tires. Remember, your last line of protection while driving are your tires and it is imperative to check your tires condition carefully before hitting the road.

Based on the National Highway Transportation Safety Board regulations, top performing tires must at least have 2/32” depth to ensure your safety while driving. If you discovered your tires have less than 4/32” (1/8”) you need to replace them the soonest possible time in order to avoid road mishap. Lastly, never go on the road without checking your tires’ pressure because tires tend to lose air during colder months.

3. Test your windshield wipers

Another vital part of your car that must be given prompt attention and examination are your windshield wipers to reduce instances of road accidents. Replace wiper blades if they aren’t performing or noticed they are already causes unsightly marks like scratches on your windshield.

Keep in mind, car wiper blades are prone to damage during the hot summer months and they will not last longer for the fall season, so get a new pair of wipers at your local car accessory center. Top quality windshield wipers must at all cost do their role in keeping your windshield clean and visibly clear while you are driving.

4. Invest in quality headlights

quality car headlightsAutumn months can be very foggy and rainy. Aside from that, we mostly experience shorter days wherein early darkness sets in quickly and it is a wise move to every car owner to invest in quality headlights and fog lights if you want to see the road clearer on any angle.

Fog lights are necessary to keep yourself visible to other drivers on the road during foggy weather and they are efficient in lessening glare effect among approaching vehicles. If your headlights are not functioning well, request your auto-mechanic for replacement.

5. Check your car brakes

Your car brakes should be checked on a regular basis to guarantee you top performance when the need to do an abrupt halt while on the road. The replacement of your car brakes is advisable when its overall performance is poor in terms wherein you are having trouble of stopping on a wet road or pile of leaves.

The cost of car brakes vary from one car model to another and it may require days of stay in the auto-mechanic’s shop before you use it, so be prepared to arrange for transport when this situation happens.

6. Fill your windshield washer

The last thing you don’t want to happen is facing an empty windshield washer. Check it regularly and make sure you fill it with enough washer fluid to keep your windshield clean while driving.

7. Practice responsible driving

Road accidents do happen beyond our control, but if you practice responsible driving you can minimize the percentage of these bad incidents to happen. If you are already experiencing zero visibility while driving during a foggy weather condition, don’t drive anymore and bring your car to a safer place and wait until the fog subsides.

Try using these above tips and I’m sure you are a step closer to keeping yourself and your loved ones safer on the road as you drive carefully. Feel free to share your own safety driving tips. We love to hear your personal driving experience.