5 Tips to Prevent Your Car from Getting Bumped or Scratched

Are you in the process of getting a body repair estimate? If yes, there’s a good chance that your car has some bumps and/or scratches. Of course, they’re quite an eyesore. This is why you’re looking forward to having your car’s body fixed so you can get back its old luster and shine.

It can Get Expensive

You’re looking for a body shop that you can afford. Depending on your car’s damage, the total cost can get pretty expensive. This is especially true if it’s regularly bumped or scratched. Can you imagine taking your car to a body shop once every few months? The cost can add up. This is why you have to do everything to lessen the chances of your car getting bumped or scratched.

Tips to Prevent Your Car from Getting Bumped or Scratched

Make sure to apply these tips to avoid getting another body repair estimate from a body shop:

Be a defensive driver.

Always assume that the drivers around you can make a mistake anytime soon. Assume that the drivers around you are not going to give way. Let’s say that you have right of way. Assume that the driver who has no right of way will think that he has right of way. This is one of the best ways of avoiding an accident that can lead to bumps and scratches.

Be mindful about where you park.

The sign “Park at Your Own Risk” is there for a reason. If you’re going to insist on parking there, then sooner or later, your car will get bumped or scratched.
Also, it pays to be safe than sorry in a parking lot especially in supermarkets and malls. While it may seem like a silly thing to do, a lot of car owners are not prone to supermarket carts or car doors bumping into their cars because they choose to park at a safer parking spot even if it’s at the farthest part of the parking lot.

It’s also a good idea to obey parking rules. In addition to getting your car towed or getting a parking ticket, you can also avoid getting unnecessary bumps and scratches. There’s a reason why these spots are no parking spots. Usually, it’s because it’s a busy street.

Clean your car regularly.

The dust on your car may seem harmless enough, but it can actually scratch your car. This happens when someone wipes on the dusty car, whether intentionally or accidentally.

Also, pranksters love drawing and writing on dirty cars. This can lead to scratches and even bumps if they’re not careful. Don’t give them a chance to use your car as a blackboard.

Don’t test the limits of your car.

Do you want to find out if your sedan can handle a bumpy road meant for trucks? Well, don’t, even if you think that it’s a shortcut. If you do, you’ll be asking for a body repair estimate before you know it.

Be careful when driving.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should drive carefully. Don’t be the cause of accidents. Follow road and traffic rules.

At the end of the day, most bumps and scratches were caused by the car owner. It could be something as simple as backing into another car. It could be something that could have been avoided like driving through a pothole. Be mindful of your surroundings when driving.

As an important note, don’t drink and drive. A lot of accidents were caused by an intoxicated driver. Not only is it potentially damaging to your car and the cars around you, it’s also potentially deadly for you and the people around you.

What to Do Now

You should start following these tips right now even if you’re still in the process of getting a body repair estimate. The last thing that you need is to add more bumps and scratches, increasing the estimate. You don’t need to make a regular trip to the body shop. Just follow the tips above and you should lessen your chances of getting into an accident drastically.

For now, it’s time for you to take care of the bumps and scratches on your car. Contact a reliable body shop and ask for a body repair estimate from them. They should be able to take care of all the bumps and scratches. They can bring back your car to its pre-accident condition. After that, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you don’t have to bring your car back because of new bumps and scratches.