5 Summer Car Maintenance Tips

The summer months often mean long cross-country drives. But whether you’re driving alongside your friends, your family or just on your own, it’s important to get your car ready for the hotter weather, the drier roads and the long drives. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to make sure your car’s ready for the hot summer months.

Protect Your Car from Sun Damage

Excessive heat and sun exposure can take a toll on any car. Thankfully, specialized car wax and polish can do more than just give your car an extra amount of shine under the sun. In fact, car wax and polish can help reduce sun damage and paint fading on top of adding an extra layer of UV protection on your car. Protect your car interiors by purchasing a sun shade to keep them from wearing down and warping your car seats.

Keep Your Engine Running Cool

Your car runs a higher risk of overheating during the hot summer days. Make sure to have your radiator checked for leaks and minor mechanical problems to lower your chances of unforeseen heating on the road. But while regular maintenance can help keep your engine heat in check, it’s always good to have a cooling solution in stock in case of emergencies. Whether its engine coolant or just plain water, it’s always good to have at least half a gallon within arm’s reach.

Check Your Tires

Long summer drives on scorching hot roads can really give your tires a beating. Before going on any kind of road trip, be sure to check your tires. If you’ve been using snow tires for the colder, winter months, make sure to swap them for all season-tires that’ll not only offer your car better traction, but also make it more fuel efficient. Heat can also have severe effects on your tire pressure, so be sure to make sure your cars are leveled out before you hit the road.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning is in Working Order

Heat isn’t only a problem for your car, but for you and your passengers as well. Be sure that your air conditioning is in tip top shape. While older model cars rely on having a good amount of Freon to function, latter models require a safer, more environmentally friendly refrigerant. Even if you can feel air coming out of your air conditioning, it’s important to note that it’s the cool air that matters. If your air conditioner isn’t able to maintain at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it may be time for you to have your air conditioner checked by a professional.

Get Your Car Internals Checked

Before going on long road trips, it’s important to make sure that everything under the hood is in tip top shape. Make sure that your oil and air filter have been changed, and check if your radiator hose and fan belt is in good working condition. Have a professional check your brakes, and be certain all your gauges are accurate.