5 Common Car Brake Problems

Among the vital parts of any vehicle are the brakes. Car brakes are responsible in keeping the driver and his/her companion safe on the road by helping the one who’s in charge of the driving be in full control when the need to slow down or bring the car to a sudden stop becomes urgent.

So, if you want your car particularly the car brakes to function at their best and be in good condition all the time, read the following 5 common car brake problems and hopefully learn how important they are to anyone driving.

Brakes are making unusual sound or noise (squealing)

Most drivers would easily recognize by the sound coming from their cars, especially on the car brakes like the squealing wherein an unusual sound or noise is produced that something is wrong or need prompt attention. Knowing exactly the real cause of this disturbing noise on your car brakes should be given priority. The driver or owner of the car must carefully inspect the following:

  • The brake components are making movements which should not happen in the first place.
  • The linings of the car brake are already worn out and need replacement.
  • The brake shoe is either damaged or distorted.
  • The car brake system requires cleaning.
  • A defective brake drum is evident due to dirt accumulation or has lost its original rounded shape.
  • There might be misalignment of the brake adjusters.
  • The retaining springs are broken.

If you aren’t sure what causes the unusual squealing, have your car checked by a reliable auto-mechanic or any auto-service center near you, so that appropriate measures will be advised, whether repair, replacement or simply adjusting the brake pads will eliminate the squealing.

car brakes

Brakes are often referred as “weak”

Another car brake concern that affects any driver is when poor performance on the brakes is observed, either they are weak or tend to be inefficient with their current performance. The reasons behind this car brake problem could be:

  • There is lack of brake fluid
  • The water has entered and contaminated the brake fluid
  • The driver may be using worn out brake pads
  • The car brake system requires cleaning.

For example, if there is not enough brake fluid put the required portion to meet its appropriate level. Change the car brake pads if you have noticed tear or damaged. Again, it would be wise to have your car brakes examined thoroughly by a qualified auto-mechanic because he/she is more experience in the details of top-performing brakes and can easily notice any abnormalities on your car brakes.

Brake pedal is too hard

If you feel the brake pedal is too hard when presses, there might be a problem with its vacuum system. This usually happens when there is leakage on the vacuum. Another reason why there could be hardness on the car brakes is the brake fluid doesn’t reach a vital part in the brake system because something is preventing or obstructing the smooth flow of the fluid.

No effect on the brake pedal

car brakeWhen you experience this car brake problem wherein no effect or failure to response of the brake pedal, the car brake fluid needs to be assesses like the pressure of air in the fluid. Another possibility of having no effect on the car brakes could be due to the car’s master cylinder. If the master cylinder is the main problem of the car, the only solution is to replace it.

Brakes deliver intermittent action

Under normal circumstances, car brakes when pressed must respond evenly and in a smooth manner, but if you try to press the brake pedal and your brakes deliver intermittent action, the brake pads are probably worn out or there might be underlying problem with the discs. Discs should be replaced when they have been discovered damaged. The discs replacement should only be performed by an expert auto-mechanic from a credible auto-service center and don’t forget discs replacements are done in pairs.

Car brake advice:

Don’t take any car brake malfunction lightly. If you are experiencing any of the above car brake problems, go to the nearest auto-service service provider and ask their auto-mechanic staff to have a complete inspection of your car brakes.

Keep in mind, any default or poor performance of your car brakes could be an alarming issue because the outcome of any negligence on your part may lead to future harm or worst a major car accident. Make it a habit before you leave your place to check the condition or performance of your car brakes. If you feel something wrong or unusual, make the necessary action. In case the car brake problem is not already within your capability, never attempt to do more do-it-your-own remedies, but instead have the car issues fixed, either they are repaired or replaced the soonest possible time to fully enjoy the driving benefits of your car.