4th Of July Firework Safety Guidelines

The much-awaited 4th of July is nearly approaching and with only few days left I’m sure every family is excited to celebrate this memorable occasion with their families and friends. Have you already prepared your schedule for this big event? If by any chance you have plans of using fireworks or attending a firework display, why not give this post a good read to keep everyone safe during the festivities.

Keep in mind being well-informed and prepared in big gatherings like this coming July 4 celebration will ensure you have an enjoyable experience and prevent any injury to happen. Here are some firework safety guidelines that would come pretty useful during the actual celebration:

  • If you have plans of setting your own fireworks display, verify first if they are legally permitted in your area or community. Some local communities due to the potential danger that these fireworks pose to their users have already prohibited the use of fireworks and other explosives. It would be a wise move before you make all the plans to ask around among local authorities in your area and confirm if you can use them. In case they are banned, never attempt to disobey the required law.
  • If fireworks are allowed in your area, be sure you only purchase them from reputable distributors and other accredited dealers. Read carefully the customer instruction guide and check if they bear the seal of manufacturer’s excellence. Be sure the label contains the complete product details as well as the contact information of the manufacturer.
  • If you have already purchased your fireworks, store them in a cool and dry place. Keep them out of reach from younger children.
  • The responsibility of lighting the fireworks should be put under the care of an adult. If you have teens and showed interest in lighting the fireworks, be sure you maintain close supervision at all times.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothes, especially if you are the one assigned to do the lighting. If possible, wear protective eye wear to protect your eyes.
  • In case a lighted firework didn’t work, don’t attempt to relight it.
  • Never allow younger kids to play with fireworks. If they will be permitted to light sparklers, remind them not to put them near their faces, hair or clothing to avoid coming in contact with any unavoidable sparks coming from the sparklers.
  • Don’t be tempted to make you own fireworks or purchase them from illegal sellers, even if they are offered at a cheaper price. You might end up with defective fireworks and result to greater damage to your property or worst of all injuring yourself or your loved ones during the process of lighting the fireworks.
  • All used and unused sparklers and fireworks should be soaked in water and properly disposed them afterwards in their designated garbage container.
  • Never light fireworks while inside the house. They must be used only for outdoors and avoid lighting them near bushes, dry grass or your house to prevent any fire.
  • Keep yourself at a required distance when lighting a firework. Inform watchers to stay away from the fireworks because there are reported cases when a lighted firework went in a wrong direction or resulted to backfire.

Tips for lighting sparklers:

  • Remain standing while lighting a sparkler.
  • Light one sparkler at a time.
  • Educate younger kids not to touch the sparkler wire and stick even after the flame has gone because this part could be extremely hot and cause burns on the skin.
  • Soak all used sparklers in a bucket of water.
  • Remind kids to wash their hands thoroughly after lighting sparklers to prevent any residue of the sparklers from coming in contact with their mouth in case they will eat afterwards because any accidental swallowing of the materials found in the sparklers could lead to poisoning.

Additional reminders in case of an injury due to fireworks or sparklers:

  • In the event someone got injured during a firework display, bring that person to the nearest medical clinic or doctor in your neighborhood for immediate medical attention.
  • If your child has encountered eye injury during the fireworks, advise him/her not to rub or touch the affected eye because this action might cause further harm or damage. Better place an eye patch if you have one in your first aid kit or improvise one by using a clean piece of cloth and put it around the injured eye and bring the child to the hospital for medical assistance.
  • In case of burns, carefully remove any clothing from the burned part of the injured person and run the affected skin on cool running water or tap water, but never use ice or cold water and immediately call for medical assistance.

I do hope you have found some helpful safety measures that you could use on this upcoming celebration, 4th of July. Don’t let any negligence ruin this much-awaited event.