4 Factors To Consider When Getting Windshield Repair

Among the car repairs that cannot be delayed is a windshield repair because if the extent of chip or crack becomes bigger, the only recommended solution is a windshield replacement. Below are some factors to consider if you will need immediate windshield repair and avoid accidents from arising while driving.

Extent of Windshield Damage

Assess the overall damage of your windshield. There are various types of windshield chips and cracks, but the common ones are those often referred as bull’s eye break, half-moon break, combination break, star break and linear crack. You also need to check the impact site and pit. The impact site is the sport wherein the damage took place while the pit is where the airborne element hit the glass.

If the diameter of the chip is less than 1.5 inches and cracks are less than 12 inches in length, this can be repaired easily, but if the actual damage is a combination break and a spider web the auto-service specialist will normally suggest windshield replacement, especially if the broken part obstruct the driver’s vision. In case the damage resulted to smaller cracks that have grown larger in size, the best option is to replace the windshield.


The average time for a windshield repair is approximately 20-30 minutes, but if the level of damage is greater and there are many chips to seal, then, the car service staff will need more time to finish the job.

Resort to DIY (do-it-yourself) Windshield Repair

dyi windshield repairIf you are a car enthusiast and love to do any car repair or maintenance on your own, then, you don’t have any objection of performing a DIY windshield repair project, especially if there are few minimal chips found. Nowadays, there are readily available windshield car repair starter kits that you can buy from any reputable auto dealer shops and other car accessory outlet stores in your area. You can also find a detailed instructional guide on how to do the step-by-step procedures and be assured you are doing the right task.

Or have it fixed by a car repair service provider

In case you don’t have the time and the passion to perform this DIY (do-it-yourself) project, bring your car to the nearest local car repair shop and request an estimate of the total cost of the available options you may choose to resolve your car windshield problem.

Estimated Expenses

If is only slight windshield damage, you will only pay minimal charges. On average, the estimated cost to repair a damaged windshield doesn’t go beyond $50. In case there are additional cracks and chips discovered during the assessment phase of your reliable auto-car repair service staff, you can expect to extra fees being added on your final billing receipt to cover additional repairs.

Make sure before you contract a car service repair company that you are aware of the prevailing rates. Ask friends or relative who have their windshield repaired to get some idea. Don’t forget also to read your car insurance policy and check if this type of car repair can also be covered.

Additional Car Maintenance Tips

In the event you are facing with a broken windshield and your car maintenance technician suggested a windshield replacement, ask for the best bargain you can get. See to it that the windshield installer has enough expertise to this delicate project and only top quality seal is used to achieve a satisfying outcome, ensuring it is quite similar to the original, so that it will preserve the good structural condition of your car.

Don’t prolong your agony of driving with a broken windshield because it might cause distraction with your driving and lead to an accident or worst of all a physical injury. Get it fixed the soonest possible time to ensure you are completely safe and secured as you drive.

Lastly, if you don’t have the technical know-how in repairing windshield or replacing one, talk to a car maintenance specialist provider and schedule an appointment for your windshield full evaluation on how far is the damaged.

Sometimes, doing the appropriate actions will help you save more in the end and if it means bringing your car to the nearest local car repair service center, then go ahead. You might be surprised there are many affordable options to consider that won’t drain your pocket. Keep in mind, maintaining a car requires professional care and saving for the unexpected events that could lead to a severe damaged like a windshield chip or crack.