Seidner’s Collision Centers Shares National Auto Body Council’s Distracted Driver Initiative at Multiple Sheriff’s Youth Activities League Centers Throughout San Gabriel Valley

During the month of February Seidner’s Collision Centers partnered with the National Auto Body Council, Sheriff’s Youth Foundation of LA County to share the Distracted Driving Initiative program at the Sheriff’s Youth Activity League Centers in Century City, Whittier & South Los Angeles. The team led by Gene Lopez of Seidner’s along with members of the NABC shared the dangers of distracted driving and the consequences that it can have on those drivers and the people that share the roads with them. The students heard stories of how distracted driving has personally affected so many people and the all the terrible consequences that driving distracted can lead to. To reinforce the dangers of distracted driving cutting edge virtual reality goggles were used to give a firsthand experience to the students to illustrate the dangers and the harsh reality of what can happen when you drive distracted. Students of all ages were included and were actively involved throughout the session and left excited to share the information with their family and friends. At the end of the session numerous licensed students including Sheriff’s Explorers who are on track to become a part of the LA Sheriff’s Department took the “It Can Wait” pledge.

The Distracted Driving Initiative is an intra-industry program formed to educate young drivers on the dangers of inattentive and distracted driving. Industry participants cooperate to provide a compelling teaching environment at a local school, free of charge, using a total loss vehicle that has been in a serious accident. During the course of the school day, the instructor uses that exhibit, placed in a prominent area, along with supporting videos to help illustrate points that reinforce responsible, attentive driving and emphasize the potential risks of distracted driving. More information can be found at



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