Making a Difference Day School Makeover 2018

Fontana, CA Oct 27th 2018 – Celebrating Making a Difference Day 2018 with the Inland Empire United Way, Seidner’s put together a team of over 25 employees and their family members to work with another 100+ volunteers to help complete a school makeover at Live Oak Elementary School in Fontana. This school makeover was special for Seidner’s employees as the school is only two blocks away from our Fontana location and will connect them with the local community they serve. Seidner’s and other volunteers painted murals throughout the school campus that enhances and enforces what is learned in the classroom and encourages a sense of pride among students in their educational environment. The large group of volunteers helped to transform the school grounds into a dynamic and vibrant environment that is visually stimulating and that the teachers, parents, students, and the community can be proud of! Seidner’s Collision Centers is proud to have partnered with the Inland Empire United Way and look forward to supporting many of the wonderful efforts of the United Way in the future.











Inland Empire United Way is committed to improving the lives and futures of children and families in need by investing in Education, Health, and Financial Stability. By partnering with a network of local nonprofit organizations, United Way delivers critical services to our community, connects individuals in crisis with needed resources through 2-1-1, and increases the power of local charities by providing dedicated volunteers. More information can be found at