How to Spot a Drunk Driver and What to Do

One night you are driving in your car peacefully, perhaps listening to soothing music with your wife in the passenger seat and your children at the back. Suddenly, you notice a car approaching but it is moving in a very weird way. The distance is still far enough and based on your calculations if you make the right move, no harm will happen to you and your family. What would you do?

At all times, there is a need to be vigilant. In this fast paced world, anything can happen anytime. We live in a world wherein unforeseen occurrences are a norm. In this specific situation, it pays well to know in advance how to spot a drunk driver, as well as the appropriate reactions when faced with that situation.

Drunk drivers are often…

• Driving weirdly. Either they keep on crossing boundary lanes and striking other vehicles or street objects. The vehicles they drive weave from one side to the other side of the road.

• Miscalculating their turns. Most often they make extreme and unbelievable wide turns.

• Seen driving at an irritatingly slow speed, sometimes hitting 10 mph below the speed limit. This is because most of these drunk drivers still want to pay attention to their driving, thus
attempting to drive rather carefully.

• Miscalculate the distance of their vehicle to other vehicles. They may sometimes end up tailing another car too closely. This is also the same with objects in the street. They may hit them too

• Brake rather erratically and suddenly. This is because the spirit of liquor has made them lose their balance and control.

• Forget to turn on their headlights and ends up driving without them. This is where accidents happen as the other vehicles may not notice them, especially at night time.

The Best Reaction…

• If you happen to tail a suspected drunk driver, stay far behind, as the driver may make unnecessary and sudden brakes which will make your car run into his.

• If possible, get out of the way. Most often there is no use waiting for the unexpected to happen, that is, waiting for the drunk driver to suddenly regain his senses and keep focused on his

• Even before driving, make sure that you have your safety belt on as well as that of the other passengers in your car. When worse comes to worst, you may need to make a sudden movement. Wearing the safety belt will assure you that nobody gets harmed if in a car accident. This is the best defense against any type of accident.

• If your suspicion is confirmed or even heightened by further wrong moves on the part of the drunk driver, report to the state or local police by means of dialing 911 or perhaps *SP from your mobile phone right away. Let them know the specific details on the location, direction of travel, as well as the description of the driver and the vehicle.