Simple Car Maintenance Tips

There are quite a few vehicle maintenance basics that are simple and help keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. Maintenance is also the easiest way to not only keep your vehicle running better longer, but prevent expensive repairs as well. The following are five simple car maintenance tips that you can do:

Check the oil

Oil may be the least expensive and easiest maintenance item when it comes to you vehicle, but it is the most important. Not only do you need to make sure you have an adequate amount of oil, but make sure it is clean as well. If you make it a habit to check your oil every time you get gas, you should never have to worry about a crisis with your engine oil. It is normal for you to lose a little bit of oil, but if you find yourself adding oil every time you fuel up, or adding large amounts of oil frequently, there is a good chance that you have a leak and need to take your vehicle to your mechanic immediately. Depending on how much you drive you can usually get away with changing your oil every six months, however consult your owner’s manual and always go by the recommendation for oil changes, and be sure to use the correct type of oil. If changing oil is not your forte, the cost of taking your vehicle to a repair shop or quick stop oil change facility is well worth eliminating the worry of expensive engine problems.

Check the air pressure in your tires

Having the proper air pressure in your tires is probably more important that you think. Improperly inflated tires can decrease your fuel economy as well as decrease the safety of your vehicle. Tire pressure can be checked when you put fuel in your vehicle as well, or anytime you want by purchasing an inexpensive tire pressure gauge. This is not something you want to guess at, a tire pressure gauge is the only way to make sure that you have the correct amount of air in your tires. If you do not know how much tire pressure your tires need, simply look on the side of the tire and it will tell you the minimum and maximum air pressure that should be in the tire. You also want to make sure your tread is not worn out or wearing unevenly. As a rule if you look at your tires and are not sure if you have enough tread, chances are that you do not and need new tires.

Change your wiper blades

When you do not use something every day you have a tendency to forget about it. Such is the case with windshield wipers, and most importantly the windshield wiper blades. You should change them when you have your oil changed, then you do not have to worry about them not working when you need them. Being able to see, especially if the weather changes without warning, is the biggest safety concern you should have when it comes to driving. If you live in areas with extreme weather, you may want to keep a spare set in your trunk just in case you need them.

While these may seem too simple, that is what makes it easy to overlook them. If you get in the habit of checking more than one thing at a time, like checking your air pressure and oil when you get gas, you will be able to do it without even thinking about it. Keeping a schedule for your oil changes and using a repair or oil change facility that sends reminders can also help you to remember your oil changes. Your car can be one of the biggest investments you make, so the little bit of time and money it takes to maintain it is well worth it.