How to Prepare Your Car for the Rainy & Fall Seasons

The rainy and fall seasons can bring about a whole slew of problems for drivers who aren’t ready for the change from dry to wet weather. But there are number of things you can do to prepare your car for cold and the wet seasons of the year. Follow these handy tips and make sure you and your passengers stay safe on the road regardless of the season.

Use the Right Tires

Swapping out your dry season tires for higher traction wet season tires will not only give you more control on your rainy and fall season drives, but they will keep your car from slipping and sliding all over the road. Traction is important regardless of the season, but this is especially true when rain, sleet and fog dampen the road. Have your tires regularly checked to be sure that none of them are worn out. If you aren’t too keen about swapping out tires every couple of seasons, invest instead on all-weather tires. This is also true with regards to the spare tire in the trunk of your car.

Check Your Brakes

Brakes are arguably the most important component of any car. While cars are designed to get you moving, they aren’t worth a whole lot if you can’t get them to stop. Preparing your car for the rainy and fall seasons also means fine tuning and checking your brakes. Although brake parts and maintenance costs differ from one car model to another, they are a worthy investment in making sure that you maintain as much control as possible over slippery roads. A busted brake can spell disaster especially when driving at high speeds over slippery and wet roads.

Maintain Your Headlights

Traction won’t be your only concern when driving through the rainy and fall seasons. Visibility can also become a problem when heavy rains and fog set in during the colder, wetter months. But having well-maintained headlights can be a great way of avoiding accidents, especially when visibility is no more than a few dozen feet. Fog lights are particularly effective since they reduce and prevent glare as well as make you visible to other motorists on the road. Headlights are not only the best way to see what’s ahead of you, but a great way of letting other drivers know where you are.

Drive Smart, Drive Safe

A car is only as safe as the person who drives it, regardless of the weather or the season. When driving during the wet and fall seasons, make sure to stay under the speed limit, and practice defensive driving techniques. Be smart on the road and don’t take unnecessary risks especially on roads with less than stellar traction or visibility. Be sure that you and your passengers wear seat belts at all times and take the time to have your car’s safety features checked regularly. As long as you stay safe and keep a level head on the road, you’ll be able to drive through any weather and any season.