Most Popular Car Colors

Auto Body Car Colors – What is popular, least popular, get pulled over the most, etc. I’m sure there’s a study that relates car color to certain types of people.

Over the years, historical data shows that white and lighter colors have been gaining popularity in terms of consumer choice for auto body car colors. Supported by DuPont’s annual Color Popularity Report, 2011 showed that 22% of new cars sold in the world were white, tying up with silver. For decades, white has been the preferred color choice for several reasons:

• White, as well as silver, hides scratches well and do not show dirt like dark colored cars.
• White and light color help reduce the amount of energy required to keep a car cool because they do not
absorb heat as much as dark colored ones.
• The cheaper color to order, white is the preferred color for commercial vehicle fleets.
• Most car brands, especially the European brands, charge extra cost for anything other than plain white,
black or red.

In the case of looking at which color of car gets pulled over more often, the most believed urban legend suggests that red cars are at the top of the list and thus, cost owners more in auto insurance. It surmises that since red is a bold color, people who prefer to drive red cars often possess bold personalities with driving behavior that leads to more traffic violations. It was further suggested that since red cars are more eye-catching, police and traffic enforcers target them more frequently.

Although there are very limited studies conducted on this subject, belies this urban legend. According to them, evidence points out that red colored cars don’t get pulled over more often than cars of other colors. In fact, it statistically showed that silver and grey cars seem to be on top of the list.

Talking about colors, it would be interesting to know what the car colors say about the owners. When it comes to buying a car, it usually takes days for a person to decide on the car color. According to psychologists, it is because the color of the car has a direct link to the owner’s personality and can send a subliminal message on the kind of person one is, or at least what kind of a driver.

Here is a list of what the car color reveals about the owner:

You are a driver who wants to appear wealthy, cool and elegant. You’re sophisticated and you like to show off your vehicle’s design. But, you’re also cool under pressure and usually calm behind the wheel. In fact, “a recent survey shows silver cars are 50% less likely to be involved in a crash.”

You’re not easily manipulated. You’re powerful and inspire deeper determination on your personality. You appreciate elegance, style and timeless classics, but, you also have a darker, mysterious side.

You’re most likely to be passionate, high-energy, and not afraid to be seen. You’re dynamic, ready to take risks and have a definite need for speed.

You’re serious, sober, pragmatic and refined, but sometimes picky and fastidious. However, you are occasionally daring and willing to try new things.

You’re a calm and serene driver who often comes across as conservative, loyal and quiet. If you had to choose, you’d pick relationships over money every time.

You’re easy traditional, trustworthy and well-balanced. It also means you are thrifty. You’re conscientious behind the wheel and constantly try to smooth over tense situations. You’re also Mother Nature’s best friend.

You’re confident, trendy, whimsical, lively and happy and not afraid to let out your inner child. You’re also willing to see the good in any situation.

You’re intelligent who loves luxury and comfort, and are willing to pay for it at whatever cost. It also implies that you are warm and sensitive.