Male vs. Female – Who Is The Better Driver?

In today’s modern generation, women in general are gaining more recognition as being equally competitive like men not only in their chosen careers, but also in the field of driving. In fact, surveys have shown more women are taking driving lessons and building their courage to take the driver’s seat responsibility.

Have you ever wondered who is a better driver, the male or female gender? Here are some facts which would probably shed some enlightenment on this issue. I do hope by the time you finish reading this topic you will have a solid conclusion on who is rightfully be acclaimed as a better driver.

Men are more risk takers when it comes to driving

According to recent studies made both on male and female driver’s behavior while driving, observations shown men in particular are more risk takers when it comes to their manner of driving as compared to female drivers.

Men are more prone to driving at a faster speed, more chances of driving without a seat belt and even under the influence of alcohol. Women on the other hand tend to be more cautious whenever they are in-charge of the driving wheel. They strictly follow the implemented speed limit, wear obediently a seat belt while driving and do their best not to drive when drunk.

Men have more reports of violations

Although, it is a fact that male drivers are more confident when it comes to driving than women due to their extensive driving experiences, surveys show that men are most likely to commit violations, be fined or ticketed three times because of their aggressive driving as compared to women drivers who only have about 25 percent share of reported violation on the road while driving.

Common beliefs play a key factor on who is a better driver – male vs. female

Perhaps you can say our society has something to do with the way we see the value of an individual, men vs. women. Back in our older generations, men are the only ones believed to be superior in everything they do and that includes driving, while women due to this common belief are believed to be better performers at home as homemakers and tend to be second place in anything even the roles they play in our society or profession they practice.

When it comes to driving, women are viewed to be less proficient or skillful and that’s how powerful this perception could affect the mind of a female driver when she is already on the driver’s seat. A female driver feels more insecure or less confident behind the wheel.

Women are also reported to be responsible for some road accidents

As changes in our society sink in where the value of the female gender is equal to the male counterpart, more females are taking their guts to learn how to drive, but as they become more accustomed with their driving, some women dare to become adventurous like the men, getting more aggressive with their driving just like men increasing their speed and this isn’t good news to women drivers as more reports of road accidents are blamed to female drivers.

Based on reports compiled from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, car crashed and other car related minor injuries involved female drivers and figures continue to increase over the years as compared to male drivers’ car incidence reports.

Final conclusion:

If you will ask my honest opinion, there is really evidence that female drivers are also gaining positive feedback when it comes to their manner of driving if you will compare it to male drivers. In fact, most auto-insurance specialists made it crystal clear based on their own observations and researches generated that men particularly younger male drivers are more aggressive on the road than female drivers.

Male drivers are reported to cause more violations and become more risk takers while female drivers apply a more careful and mindful driving approach, since they are more obedient on the mandated laws on the road.

To sum it up guys, I feel that female are taking a good leap when it comes to the way they honed their driving skills nowadays than before, plus reports won’t tell a lie that the female drivers committed the lowest rate of road accidents and violations as compared to the male drivers. If you have different opinion with regards to this survey, male vs. female, who is the better driver, feel free to share your comment. We love to hear your side and learn more from your own experience.