5 Major Reasons Why You May Experience A Flat Tire

How many times have you experienced a flat tire while driving? This is a common problem that car users face in their daily driving activities, but what makes it worst is when the driver is caught up with a flat tire, either in the middle of a heavy traffic, deserted place or bad weather. Occasional flat tires are normal, but they should be kept minimal under all circumstances if you are aware of the reasons why a flat tire occurs and what can you do to prevent it from happening again on your next road trip.

Here are 5 major reasons why any car driver may experience a flat tire:

1. Loosened or uncapped car valve stems

One main reason why tires go flat is due to problems with your car’s valve stems, either they are loosened or uncapped properly. Did you know that a loosened valve stem or uncapped stem may result to air leaks? This is often times the culprit of having a flat tire. If your stem valves are not closed, dirt may enter and accumulate causing to air leaks, then leading to flat tires.

2. Unavoidable small and sharp objects on the road

You can’t always see what your tires will come across along the road while you are busy driving. Unavoidable small objects, particularly sharp screws, nails or other pointed things like broken glasses could damage your tires and cause air leaks. Worst case scenario is a blowout tire if you didn’t notice a big pothole or sharp curb while driving.

3. Tire manufacturer’s defect

A flat tire may also happen due to the tire manufacturer’s production default causing defects to their tires. This can be avoided at all cost if you purchase your car tires from a reliable tire dealer shop or choosing a trusted car tire brand manufacturer who has been in the tire industry for a long time with a good feedback from satisfied customers.

4. Vandalism

tire-vandalismAnother nuisance that car owners experience especially if they parked their cars on public places is the possibility of individuals committing vandalism with their cars. The tires are the most common targets of these vandals. Any intentional puncturing done to your car tires may lead to complete air loss and cause flat tires. To prepare yourself for any of these bad behaviors from vandals on the streets, have a can of tire sealer. This product will be useful during this kind of ordeal.

5. Continuous hitting of curbs

Without your knowledge, any continuous hitting of curbs when you are parking or making a turn will cause damage to your wheels. If there is already a dent in the wheel, there is a possibility the seal protecting the tire and your car rim will probably lead to air leak or flat tire eventually. Accidental rubbing of tires on sharp curbs may also increase the chances of having a blowout tire.

Additional safety tire tips:

Tires are the most used parts of any vehicle and it is the responsibility of the car owner or driver to check the tires frequently if they are in good condition before hitting the road. For safety road trip measures, look for any signs of air leakage, worn out tire thread as well as their alignment, so that you are confident that no delays will happen while driving. Don’t forget also to have your car wheels balanced by your auto service shop on a regular basis.


When buying tires if you aren’t sure which are perfect for your car, consult a reputable auto service provider in your area. I’m sure you will get a professional advice when it comes to proper selection of tires.

For your information, having a flat tire doesn’t completely leave you motionless. You can still continue driving provided you don’t over speed and check every now and then the condition of your tires until you reached the nearest auto service center where you can have the flat tire repaired or replaced depending on the damage.

Always have a spare tire in good condition, meaning it is properly aired with the required air pressure before leaving your home. Make the habit of checking your tires regularly, especially if you are going for a long drive. Road mishaps and car accidents happen and are sometimes due to a badly worn out tire.

Lastly, be aware of the road safety measures while replacing a flat tire on your own, especially at night. See to it you have a warning device to signal any approaching car and do it on a roadway where there is enough shoulder.