Car Tips For Dog Lovers

Do you have dogs? If by any chance you have one I’m sure you will thank me for sharing these amazing tips for all car drivers with dogs, especially if you have to tag along your pet during those unavoidable trips to the supermarket or the need to bring him/her to the veterinary clinic for regular grooming or vaccination requirements.

Remember, some dogs get agitated when put inside a car and it is important that you are aware of safety measures before you hit the road for a drive, even if it is only a quick 5 minute drive to the nearest store. Below are some pointers to remember:

Keep your dog secured while driving

Some dog lovers allow their pets to roam freely inside the car as they drive. Others even put their dogs on their laps while driving. If you are planning to take your dog for a drive, it would be best to keep your dog restrained and secured all throughout the drive because you can’t concentrate with your driving if your pet keeps disturbing you.

Aside from that, having your pet dog unrestrained might lead to accidents such as unavoidable throwing of your pet if you need to do a sudden halt or worst could be injury to your dog if you allowed him/her to set in front and the air bags might hurt your dog.

Never leave your dog inside the car

I’m sure you have seen dog owners who often leave their dogs inside the car while doing the grocery. Again, this is a big “NO”, never leave your dog alone inside the car even for a few minutes.

Why? Your dog might suffocate if you accidentally forget to leave the car windows open. If it is during a hot summer season, your dog might suffer heat stroke. Your dog might also become anxious or bored when left along inside the car, making him/her do undesirable actions such as scratching your leather covered car seat, which could be very costly to replace.

Dogs may experience car sickness

Let’s face it not all dogs love to go for a ride and even if your pet is truly adorable, there will be moments when he/she might not like the idea of going for a drive, especially during a long distance travel. Some dogs experience car sickness during long car drives and this could create distraction on your part as you drive, plus the idea of having to clean all that mess afterwards.

If you can’t help it of having to bring along your dog for a drive, prepare your dog by making him/her comfortable inside the car. Avoid feeding him/her with heavy meals prior the long drive. If your dog still experience car sickness, confide this issue with your veterinary and ask for some anti-nausea medications. Some dog owners who frequently bring their pets for a drive give them calming herb or use a pressure vest to ease the discomfort feeling.

Driving with your dog requires constant practice. Acquaint your dog with your car by taking him/her first for short trips and as his/her behavior improves, go for a long distance drive and see the result. I’m sure in due time with proper pet handling and training, you dog will get used to your car and the driving.

How to make your dog enjoy a car ride?

There are many reasons why a dog may hate or fear the idea of a car drive. Some dogs associate the car drive to a negative experience like a trip to the vet clinic or going back to the shelter home where he/she was rescued, so every time he/she is compelled to ride your car, he/she might get the feeling that you will have him/her vaccinated or returned to the shelter home. Here are dog handling tips to help your dog enjoy a car ride:

  • Avoid dragging your dog inside the car. If it is his/her first time to go for a ride, entice your dog by giving him/her doggy treats and saying words of praises if you managed to put him/her calmly inside the car. In case, your dog has worst phobia of car riding, consult a dog trainer. He/she might help you train your dog and get rid of this particular fear.
  • Create a happy atmosphere inside the car by not slamming the car doors to hard. If this is your first time to drive along with your dog avoid starting the engine abruptly. Give your dog some time to familiarize himself/herself with the sound of the engine by starting it and then turning it off and repeat the procedure until you dog looks completely settled.
  • Bring enough dog treats and other dog essentials
    Long distance drives are part of a family’s bonding moment and for dog lovers it simply means having to bring their dogs with them. For these trips bring enough dog treats to keep your dog well fed and make sure you brought along his/her favorite toy.