Bad Driving Habits Will Cost You Money

Every penny counts, especially in today’s tough economy. In fact, many individuals go out of their ways not only to save money on their daily expenses, but also on other areas that would give them opportunity to save big bucks like the way they drive their cars. Did you know the way you drive your car can also be a cost-effective method to stretch your limited income?

Well, I want to share with you some bad driving habits that will cost your savings to go down the drain or worst of all endangering your safety that could lead to injury and higher hospital bills. I do hope you will take these bad driving habits seriously and avoid them from influencing your driving.

Driving with a near empty fuel tank

Some drivers thought that no possible harm or damage could result from driving with an almost empty gas tank. This common driving practice could cause clogging to your car, eventually leading to a severe damaged on your fuel injector. Imagine the overall cost that your auto-mechanic will charge you just to have your car’s entire fuel system flush. As much as possible, avoid running your car with less than a quarter of gas. The recommended gas fuel that your car must have to run those few miles must at least be 25% full.

Abusing your car’s transmission

Another bad driving habit that will create a hole in your pocket is abusing your car’s transmission. For example, if your car has automatic transmission, never drop you car when you are rolling. If you have manual transmission, prevent yourself from using the clutch as a breaking device on steep grades. Keep in mind brakes are intended for stopping while transmissions are specifically designed for switching gears.

Skipping the required regular car maintenance procedure

Cars, regardless of their models require regular maintenance check-ups for better driving performance. Don’t think that if you have a brand new car, you are already exempted from those regular maintenance procedures. Follow the required car maintenance schedules strictly, so that you have peace of mind that your car is safe to drive and prolong its years of service.

For a new model car, there are indicators that will tell the driver when it’s time for an oil change and if you see any of these signs bring your car to your friendly auto-mechanic or any auto-repair shop near you. The usual regular car maintenance procedures that you need to pay attention are oil change and other car check-ups.

Driving aggressively (Jackrabbit stops and starts)

Even though how tempting it could be to drive your car aggressively, don’t attempt trying to follow this bad driving habit like flooring your accelerator when the traffic light turns green or halting on a dime to showcase onlookers that you can drive like a professional car racer. These bad driving habits might damage your car brake pads or lessen the efficiency of your fuel. Observe the safest driving practices while driving on the road to guarantee you car doesn’t get overused.

Too much distractions while driving

How many times have you been fined due to beating a red light while you are busy texting or taking a bite of your sandwich while driving? Any driving offences committed due to negligence on your part such as engaging yourself to distractions while driving will cost you money in paying penalties or worst scenario putting your life into greater danger.

Remember, once you accumulated distraction-related fender bender, this report will generally affect your car insurance rate the next time you renew your car insurance policy. Be aware of the existing laws being implemented in your area such as the use of mobile phones while driving. Bigger fines can cost you to pay more.

Additional tips and warning:

Following the best driving practices will not only help you save more in the end, but assure you of your safety at all times while on the road. Be more cautious on the driving rules set by your local authority and obey them diligently to avoid being penalized. For example, if the required driving speed in your area is only 55 to 65 miles per hour, never attempt to go beyond this mandated speed limit if you don’t want the highway patrol authorities run after you and issue a ticket.

Lastly, treat you car with extreme care by making sure you bring it to your trusted auto-mechanic shop for the required regular maintenance and car check-ups. Don’t assume that since your car is still running smoothly on the road you can miss the required change oil. You might end up having to face major damages if you delay your car’s maintenance and facing the ordeal of not being able to use your car for a period of time.