Minor Damage Repair

A small nick there and a short gash there. Even minor accidents can leave their lasting mark on the most well-maintained of cars. Some car owners deem them too small to address, but the savvy car owner knows that constant maintenance is important to ensure the high resale value of their car.

Seidner Collision Centers works tirelessly to iron even the smallest of kinks in any car. With our near half-century of car experience, we understand that every dent and every scratch needs to be addressed with the utmost care.

Types of Minor Accident Repair

Dent and Scratch Repair

Nothing is as big an eye-sore as a nipped driver’s side door or a small gash along the rear end. Minor dents and scratches are a usual sign of wear and tear, but also a symptom of car negligence. Address any small dent and scratch quickly and easily with our meticulous team of I-CAR care professionals. Our technicians can smooth out any dent and match any missing paint to the specifications of your car.

Side Mirror and Headlight Replacement

A missing side mirror and busted tail/headlight can land you more than a ticket if you aren’t careful. But they are usually the first components to come off during a minor accident.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Even a minor accident can cause serious damage. A broken windshield is not only an eye sore on the road, but it’s a deterrent to driver visibility. Whether it’s a hairline crack or completely shattered glass from collision damage, Seidner’s Collision Center prides itself with a whole range of windshield selections that fit a majority of cars on the road.

End of Lease Repairs

Leasing your car and your due to have it back? Let us give your car a once over so you can get a competitive quote on making sure you give your car back in good working order without the fear of hefty penalties and painful damages. We deal in any of the services listed above, and more.

Minor accident repairs are a great way to solve your car problems out of pocket without having to deal with a rise in insurance premiums. Our competitive prices make sure that the smallest of gashes don’t leave a gaping hole in your bank account. Seidner’s Collision Center puts top-quality work on even the most minor of car problems.

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