Computerized Paint Matching

Nothing makes a car stand out like an expertly sprayed coat of paint. Unfortunately, the same can be said when the paint is worn right off, especially after an unforeseen collision.
Paint matching is critical in bringing back the luster of any car. An amateur and uneven paint job can seriously undervalue even the most capable of vehicles up for resale. But with Seidner’s Collision Center’s own computerized paint matching system, you can rest easy knowing that your car will be given an even and seamless coat of paint.

How Our Computerized Paint Matching System Works

Manual paint matching is practically futile. Even the most discerning of painters will spend hours, if not days trying to match the perfect coat of color. And this is especially true when it comes to cars.

Paint is affected by a countless number of factors such as temperature, air pressure and even application. What computerized paint matching does is that it identifies the exact same tone, shade and color of your car’s paint by simply scanning a segment of it.

Our specially trained I-CAR technicians are well-versed in the use of PPG’s state-of-the-art computer color matching system, guaranteeing a seamless match every time.

Advantages of Computerized Paint Matching

  • Guaranteed Paint Match

    No need to worry about human error. Computerized paint matching guarantees a perfect match each and every time. Whether you’re just painting over a smidge on your car door, or the full front of your vehicle, Seidner promises that our paint matching system will land a spot-on paint match for even the most mangled of cars.

  • Perfect for Small Paint Jobs

    A common problem when matching paint manually is that even the smallest scraped paint can require a complete do-over if the paint isn’t matched properly. This can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unquoted fees all due to unprofessional car care work. Worried that the scrape is too small to bother with? Seidner’s can quote you a price that’s just right for the repair.

  • Quick Paint Application

    Fast and efficient paint matching also means fast and efficient paint application. Our technicians can quickly mix and apply the required paint as soon as there’s a match.

There’s no doubt that automotive painting and refinishing is an art; but with Seidner’s capable I-CAR technicians and our PPG color matching system, even cars with the most exotic finishes are brought back to pre-accident condition.