Bumper Repair

Damaged bumpers are a common sight after a collision. It doesn’t take a lot more than a soft thump with another car to cause a dent on even the sturdiest of bumpers. Even stationary objects like a light post, a concrete barrier or a parking lot pillar can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s bumper.

But at Seidner’s Collision Center, we specialize in making sure your bumper is damage free as soon as it rolls out of our auto body shop. After assessing your bumper’s damage, we take a good number of steps to make sure we do the best job possible.

Types of Bumper Repair

Paint Transfer Removal

Most bumper damage requires the removal of paint. This is paint from the object of contact that has managed to adhere to the coating of your bumper. This is why damaged bumpers have a different gash of color from its usual coat, or even the metal underneath. While paint removal can be quick, amateur work can leave lasting damage on your bumper. With Seidner’s, you can be sure the paint stays off permanently.

Bumper Dent Removal

While dents on plastic bumpers are hardly as difficult to remove as dents on the body of the car, we make sure to take special care in smoothing them out for you. While other less experienced auto body shops will recommend that you bring in your bumper as soon as it’s been dented to assure the best quality work, our skilled staff can straight out your bumper even if it’s been weeks or months since impact.

Bumper Replacement

Should the bumper be gouged, torn or dilapidated beyond repair, Seidner’s Collision Center can provide you various replacement bumpers that will match the make and model of your car.

Quality Plastic Fillers

Seidner’s only uses high quality plastic filler to ensure that any holes left from dent removal is left smoothed out and unnoticeable after repainting. While amateur auto shops will settle for a passable job, we make sure to aim for dealer quality work. Our plastic fillers and sanding procedures are tried and tested at making any bumper stand out with a shine.

Bumper Repainting

Once dents have been smoothed out, we can begin prepping your bumper for repainting. Our expert car technicians can easily match the paint job on the rest of your bumper, assuring you of a great, seamless and even coat of paint. This is the finishing touch of any bumper repair service, giving it a brand new look right out of our auto body shop.

Seidner’s Collision Center is a veteran at reviving any worn out bumper. With over 45 years of experience under our belt, along with our expert car technicians and mechanics, we provide a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship, for a price that’ll fit your budget.

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