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  • Top 5 Car Safety Features for Your New Car

    When shopping for a new car, safety should take top priority on any list. While gas mileage, price and overall functionality are all important characteristics of any car, your vehicle’s safety features could literally mean the difference between life and death. To make sure your car is as safe as can be, here are five…

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  • Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars for 2013

    As gas prices continue to climb year-on-year, auto-owners are hard pressed to find more fuel efficient ways of driving, and it seems like electric cars are leading the charge. As state restrictions come down on car manufacturers to produce more eco and wallet friendly cars, electric cars slowly are clawing their way into the minds…

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  • How to Test Your Spark Plugs

    Engine misfires are fairly common among older or ill-maintained engines; but even fairly new cars fail to start if their spark plugs don’t produce the “spark” required to start an engine. Like any engine component, spark plugs can wear out over time. Spark plugs make sure that combustion is provided in the engine while all…

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  • Driving Sleepy or Tired: Why It’s Better to Pull Over

    Drunk driving continues to be a major concern among road safety advocates, but fatigue is just as big a cause of accidents on the road. Driving sleepy or tired has similar effects as driving under the influence of alcohol. Slower reaction times and impaired judgement are a direct effect of fatigue and can have disastrous…

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  • Responsible Driving Habits: Watching Out for Pedestrians

    Pedestrian involved crashes are a tragedy that has sadly become part and parcel of driving. While the government has been keen on implementing new technologies, laws and city improvements to bring down these accidents, it is still up to the motorists and the pedestrians to make sure they use these advances to help keep roads…

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