Extraordinary Repair Experience™

So what exactly is an “Extraordinary Repair Experience”? At Seidner’s we take great pride in being a Family-Owned business since 1964. Todd, Steve and Rick Seidner work in the business every day. We have 14 auto body shop locations for you to choose from and every location is dedicated to making sure we “exceed your expectations.”

If at any time we fail to exceed your expectations, please call any one of our body shop locations and ask to speak to a Manager, Regional Manager, or even Rick Seidner. During the repair you will be able to view your car online 24/7.

Your vehicle will also be repaired by I-CAR trained technicians as all of our facilities are I-CAR Gold Class. The I-CAR Gold Class Professional designation is the highest training level recognized in the collision auto body industry.

Repairing today’s cars is extremely complicated. Your vehicle may have advanced steels such as boron or aluminum panels that require special training and equipment to repair. Seidner’s is one of the few auto body shops that is uniquely qualified to repair these types of vehicles. It only takes a few structural repair process mistakes to render your vehicle unsafe. Airbag deployment can be effected by just missing a few welds or not following the latest manufacturers repair guidelines!

In order to ensure you that we are repairing your vehicle correctly, we subscribe to a service called VeriFacts. They are an independent 3rd party that makes unannounced visits verifying our processes and quality plus grades us each month. They also provide additional technical coaching directly to our technicians and act as a resource in obtaining the latest auto repair procedures from your manufacturer.

Seidner’s wants to make sure your vehicle is repaired properly and safely so your car reacts properly if subjected to another accident. Today’s cars are designed to react a certain way in accidents as to protect the occupants. An improperly repaired vehicle can have devastating results when subjected to another accident.

At Seidner’s we have the confidence, knowledge, and equipment to repair your car properly. We also back everything with our Lifetime Warranty. After the repair you will be called by an independent CSI company. Our goal is to always score a 10, anything less is an area for improvement. I hope this helps you understand what the Seidner “Extraordinary Repair Experience” will mean to you. Over 15 new car dealerships, representing 22 franchise makes, trust and endorse Seidner’s